To Blog or not to Blog

I don't know how to blog and I feel embarrassed to be a blogger. I hate to sound like Andy Rooney but "blogging" seems obscene to me. Really, in our entire language we couldn't come up with a better term for keeping a personal web log than a blog? How about a webichle (web + chronicle)? or a wost (web + post)? OK, these aren't that great either but it seems like there must be something better out there than "BLOGGING". Even still, I have decided its time, as the scriptures say, "to keep a record of this people" and so I will blog! Despite the ickiness of the term, I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2012

On November 6, 2012, Barak Obama defeated Mitt Romney in the presidential election.  A stunning blow.  Ryan was out of town leaving Pace and me to watch in horror as the election results came in.  When the announcement came, I could not believe it.  I waited for the news to change, a mistake to be announced.  It did not come and Governor Mitt Romney gave his concession speech followed by an acceptance speech from President Obama.

I cried buckets; there was no consolation.  I could not see a more bleak future for America.  Pace too, was upset.  At 8 years old, I'm sure he was only upset to see me upset but he exclaimed, "How could Baraka Obama win?"  I had no answer.

Sleep did not come for me.  I tossed and turned and worried all night long.  Miserable.  Two days later, I still find myself sighing intermittently and I remember.  The United States of America that I have loved, that I have been so grateful to live in, that I have spent my life studying, is no more.  I wonder and dread what the future holds.

The next morning I thought about Pace.  He had told his schoolmates that he was supporting Romney.  Not many others at school agreed with him.  Even his teacher, Mrs. Pedersen, told him she was voting for Obama (Why did she share her political views at school?).  I worried that he would face ridicule and felt the need to prepare him.  During our morning routine of breakfast, scriptures, and prayer, I began.
"Pace, when you go to school today, you might . . . " my words trailed off; I didn't know what to say.  To my surprise, he finished my sentence.
"I might get teased. I might get teased at school because my choice lost."
"Yes", I said.  I continued, "What will you say?"
Pace paused.  Then, in his usual happy-go-lucky way, he said, "Oh well.  If I get teased because my side lost, I'll just ignore them and go on with my businesses."
And that was that.  He took a bite of toast.  I could have avoided an entire night of misery if only I could do that!  "And a little child shall lead them".  I really am blessed to have Pace in my life and I love him beyond my ability to articulate.  

And yet I have faith in Heavenly Father and know this was meant to be.  I am so grateful Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were willing to fight the fight.  I know they and their families were dragged through the mud in the most negative campaign in history.  I know is cost them billions of dollars.  I know they gave everything they had to give; they gave their all.  I am actually relieved for Mitt Romney and his family.  They can go back home and get out of the public eye; they deserve peace.  Paul Ryan was re-elected to the Congress in his home state of Wisconsin and continues the fight.  I will be forever appreciative for their willingness to serve.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

I have struggled to articulate how I feel.  The following are two completely different posts that I composed for two different sites.  I record them here to remember my thoughts.

Today is a sad day; the beginning of many more. However, we have Senators, Representatives, Governors, and half the country who are still willing to stand up every day. Don't sit down and give up, get up and stand with them. I imagine this is how it felt to be a patriot at the beginning of our country; now it's our turn. If you're standing on the right side and you don't lose hope, you need not fear. Be sure your choice is one you are willing to defend to posterity; they will be the ones who have to live with the outcome. And, take the advice of a wise 8-year-old who shall remain unnamed; "Oh well, if they tease me at school because my side lost, I'll just ignore them and go on with my businesses".

Comment at the end of The BlazeTV article entitled: "The Republican Presidential Field of 2016":
The majority of the electorate voted for the cool guy-it was a popularity contest. A man with an agenda to “fundamentally change” (destroy) America won the election for a SECOND time because he presented as a rock star. Plant 18-year-old conservative minorities into the entertainment industry; pick the one who is skyrocketing in 2016, run him/her with ANYONE, stage a cross-country tour instead of a campaign, don’t mention issues-throw out pleasing clich├Ęs, then watch him/her soar into the White House thronged with glassy-eyed acolytes and a screaming, triumphant cacophony. This is the best chance we have in a country where the corps d’elite is clamoring for Shark Week. And, agreeing with other comments, all this if we even have an election in 2016. We need a new electorate, an unbiased media, and a miracle. Or, we could offer $100,000,000.00 to one lucky person, legal or not, selected from the voters of our candidate. Sigh.

I remembered a clip from Star Wars III.  Queen Amidala watches as the Republic is lost. So fitting.
Click on the YouTube Video link below:
So this is how liberty dies . . .

Positive and Negative.  I feel both.  However, I will focus on preparedness and take one day at a time. I love America.  I love the principles and foundations it was built upon and I have great respect and gratitude to those who risked everything in this American Experiment. Its my turn and I will do whatever I must to sustain the Constitution of the Untied States of America.

President Ezra Taft Benson wrote in "The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner", 
"We, the blessed beneficiaries, likewise face difficult days in this beloved land, 'a land which is choice above all other lands.' It may cost us blood before we are through.  It is my conviction, however, that when the Lord comes, the Stars and Stripes will be floating on the breeze over this people.  May it be so, and may God give us the faith and the courage exhibited by those patriots who pledged their lives and fortunes that we might be free."

Monday, October 3, 2011

Starry Witch

We have already started getting catalogs with Halloween costumes.  Pace loves to peruse these catalogs and imagine himself taking on the villains of Gotham City as Batman or swinging from a spider-web as Spiderman.  The other day, I was thumbing through the catalog when I saw the cutest little witch costume.  I don’t usually regret not having a little girl but there are times when I see cute outfits and I wish I had a little girl to dress up.Pace came in and saw me looking through his catalog.  He said, “Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Looking through this costume catalog.  Look how cute some of these little girl costumes are.  Don’t you think they’re cute?”

“I guess.  But I want to be Luke Skywalker with the Jedi Knight light saber.”

I continued to skim the catalog as he pretended to swing and swish a light saber through the air.  I said, “I know, but maybe, just this one year, we could get you this cute little Starry Witch costume.  Please – just this once?”

The pretend light saber froze mid-air and with a true look of horror on his face Pace responded, “NO WAY MOMMY!  If I wore a GIRL costume, that would embarrass me in front of the whole Halloween!!!”

Its true; the whole Halloween would be aghast if Pace showed up in a Starry Witch costume. 

I turned the page and wondered if they had any cute costumes for cats.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our summer flew by and I didn’t even take time to Blog!  So, here is a 2011 Summertime Summary in pictures!

DSC07172LEGOs have become the center of our universe.  In particular, the discontinued Batman series.  Ebay, here I come!



To Utah for the 4th of July!

DSC07343 8-20-11 Grammy, Bailey, and Maddie Philp DSC07367DSC07417DSC07453DSC07465DSC07497DSC07500DSC07507

New friends and fellow LEGO enthusiasts – Liam and Isaiah VanAusdal.2011 Summer Bowling 22011 Summer Movies 22011 Summer swimming9-6-11 Pace with Liam and Isaiah building a LEGO scarecrowDSC07659

A visit from the Philp’s!DSC076368-22-11 Grandad and Bailey doing puzzle on table8-22-11 Grandad and Maddie Philp8-24-11 Pace flys out of the poolDSC07684

Grammy struggles through a summer of pain; cancer is back.  But Grammy keeps going no matter what!DSC07316DSC07412

A beautiful double-rainbow; I know Heavenly Father loves me! DSC07563

Madison Rae Philp

On May 9, 2011, we welcomed Madison “Madie” Rae Philp into our small but tight-knit family.  She is the daughter of my brother and his wife, Michael and Jodi Philp.  She is a miracle child.  After 10 roller-coaster years, Madie came the natural, old-fashioned way.  She is an answer to prayer and beautiful in every way.  When I look at her, I feel a connection that I can’t put into words but I feel that I already know her from the past and I can’t wait to develop our relationship here.  Here is little Madie.  Go ahead and be amazed!

5-13-11 Madie with the big eyes!   5-15-11 Baby Madie in pink dress with Grammy

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Great Day!

I love Saturdays – who doesn’t really?  I love that there’s no hurry to get up or be anywhere and it’s the only day I can get up and dilly-dally before getting stuDSCF1153ff done.  Yesterday was Saturday.  Ryan and I were awake but just chitchatting before getting up.  Pace had slept in but we heard him get up and  come walking toward our room.  When he came in, he stopped and announced, “GOOD MORNING, it’s another great day here on Earth!”  As usual, his contagious enthusiasm caught us and we all felt like jumping out of bed to tackle the day!  I hope he remembers this feeling when school starts again!  :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A not so unwelcome birthday

My birthday isn’t for a few months and, at this point in life, I would prefer to ignore my birthday altogether. However, that is completely unacceptable to a little kid.  Pace was very excited about how much I enjoyed the “My Little Pony” he gave me for Christmas (see Christmas post).  As he watches TV daily, he sees a lot of girls toys that he feels sure I want.  Things like Fairy Secret Barbie, Zhu Zhu Babies, Zoobles, etc.  I don’t even know what these things are but he always keeps me in mind when the commercials are on and I will hear him saying things like, “That is a girl toy.  I can get it for Mommy on her birfday.”  I feel so privileged to be on the forefront of his mind while he is engaged in his favorite pastime!

Last week Pace asked me how many years I was.  I told him “42” (Did I really say that?  Is it possible my math is wrong?  How could I be 42?) 

Then he said, “How many years will you be on your next birthday?

“43”, I painfully replied.

“What day is your birfday coming on?”

“May 21”

“Well, on your forty-freeth birfday on May 21, I am going to give you girl presents.  You’re going to have a party and I will give you all the toys you want – because you’re a girl.  Also, what is your favorite shape?”

I blinked in confusion – this is all so sudden.  My favorite shape?  Why I don’t know what my favorite shape is exactly.  Before I could solve my dilemma, Pace said, “Is it a circle like my favorite shape?”

“Of course!”  I said.DSC06261

“Good, then I’m going to make you a circle birthday cake with forty-freeth birfday candles. Your going to have the best birfday – its going to be so fun!  My cake was a Batman cake but you probably want a girl cake with Pinkie Pie on it.” And on and on he went.  Planning the perfect forty-freeth birfday party for me.

Well, how can you help but be excited about that!  He is thrilled about the presents and the party and the cake he is going to get for my birfday.  I actually find myself looking forward to the birthday which I usually dread.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the best forty-freeth birfday I’ve ever had!!!  Kids really can bring out the fun in life!  I really love that little guy!

I wonder if he’s mentioned his big idea to his dad?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

In January, our church changed to the 8:00am start time.  Its REALLY hard to get up before the sun; but its so nice to have the whole day after we get home.

At one point in the day, just after reading scriptures, I said “Pace, could we trade places for just one day?”11-24-10 Pace Weight close-up

“No we can’t. ” he said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because, I have little problems in little pieces and you have big problems with big pieces,” he said as he hummed a little tune.

And it was that simple; I have too many problems to be little again (which is precisely why I want to trade places with him!).  He always finds a way to express himself with exactly the right words.  How does he do that?!?!?!  

Then later, after Pace had done all the Sunday things he knew to do, I heard the T.V. go on and then immediately go off.  I knew he turned on the T.V. but then remembered it was Sunday and turned it right back off.  I looked at him playing in the corner of the room.  I said, “So Pace, what would you like to do?”

He quickly replied, “I don’t know but I have crackers.”

Again, sage words from a wise six-year-old.  If only we could all have little problems in little pieces and be happy with just a handful of crackers.